•      E mail your Phone Number, 

                Image Name & Number, 

                and how you intend to use 

                the Image

                  Unframed Print,

                  Framed Print,

                  Tile Image,

                  Canvas Mural.

       I will contact you by email 

                or phone, to work out the details 

                of your Order and Quote a price.

    The Images shown here have a 

                surrounding Matt, printed as part

                of the Image. 

                This is a great way to cut cost.    

                The Matt does not have to be 

                part of the final reproduction

                of your Image.     

                We can use any Matt you like 

                or none at all.

    Re-cropping an image may be


                Some of the Images shown may

                have more image area available 

                to be included in new cropping.

       •        Some of the Poster Images have 

                Type in the Image, the Type can be 

                removed or changed as per your


                           E mail to    mdturn@gmail.com


Solution Graphics
    I use Pay Pal for all my Invoicing.

    When we agree on Your Order and Price,
    including Shipping and Insurance.
    I will send you a Pay Pal Invoice via
    E mail.

    You do not need to have a Pay Pal account.

    The Pay Pal email Invoice will have a 
    Pay Pal link in it, all you have to do is 
    Click the link and it will take you to Pay Pal.

    You may use your Pay Pal account 
    (if you have one) or 
    use a credit card to make your payment.

    Pay Pal will send me confirmation of your payment.
    I will then produce your Image as ordered.

    The time needed to produce you Image 
    will vary depending on the medium ordered.

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